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about us
Momentum IT was formed in 2013 with the view to pioneer the merger between business objectives and the IT solutions required to facilitate those objectives within the Small to Medium Enterprise market through superior service and exceptional execution.

We use the most efficient, cost effective and reliable technologies available, whilst simultaneously encouraging proper governance of business-critical data, systems, operational processes and project management.

Since inception, we have grown year-on-year as a result of a responsive, skilful and personable team of highly-motivated individuals – our greatest asset.


✔ To be the leading business and technology partner in the SME market.

✔ We Leverage our Global Technology and market intelligence within our extensive Operational Expertise.


✔ Deliver business and Technology consulting.

✔ Improve our clients performance.

✔ Develop our staff, our greatest asset.


✔ Put our clients first

✔ Enhance a culture of trust and integrity

✔ Develop exceptional people.

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